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Bellator Dublin: “Everything has finally fallen into place” for Bec Rawlings

In a nation of people labelled as “The Fighting Irish,” Bellator Dublin will showcase several local mixed martial artists this Saturday night in front of a sold out 3 Arena. Friends and families of home fighters will be out in full support of their country men and women, while playing the role of one of the most passionate fan bases across the globe.

In 2019, Bec Rawlings sat in attendance as a guest fighter and was blown away by what she had witnessed as a spectator. She then made it her business to fight in Ireland’s capital next time around.

Speaking with MMA Latest News at the Bellator Dublin media day, Rawlings went into detail about her approach to get on this specific card and how she feels the crowd instinctively helps raise the level of performance.

“I messaged my manager straight away and said you’ve got to get me on this (Bellator Dublin card),” Rawlings said. “I had to fight here with just the atmosphere, the energy, just the people, you can’t fight like shit in front of that crowd, I don’t think it is possible.”

Rawlings appeared to be very happy, which is a joy to see, given she has had a rough time in mixed martial arts since being bested by Paige VanZant at UFC on Fox 21 back in August of 2016. With that said, in between her recent MMA results, “Rowdy” has gone 3-0 as a bare knuckle boxer in the BKFC promotion. Despite gaining momentum in a different combat sport, Rawlings signed for Bellator and made her debut in 2019 when she lost to Ilara Joanne via kneebar.

After having her first mixed martial arts bout in 18 months, Rawlings now sees just how difficult it was to adjust between the training of a mixed martial artist and a boxer — and she believes she learned valuable lessons from that experience.

“It’s a bit of an adjustment,” Rawlings said. “I thought it wouldn’t be so hard adjusting back just because MMA was my original sport but just the distancing with the angles of punches and the aggressiveness of MMA fighters compared to boxers was a bit different and I kind of just had a brain freeze out there like my brain was just not present. I was in the crowd watching myself fight in the cage and that has never happened to me before so we went back to the drawing board and figured out some shit we needed to change”

On Saturday, Bec Rawlings finally gets the opportunity to fight in front of an Irish crowd. It seems to be an experience she looks to relish and after gathering what she had to say, Rawlings is more motivated than ever to get back on track.

“Now I feel like everything has finally fallen into place,” Rawlings explained. “I feel good, I feel confident, I’m fit, I’m focused, I’m dialed in. I’ve had one of the best camps I can think back to ever having and I just can’t wait to put on a show on Saturday night.”


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