Damien Brown on RIZIN 14 victory, “I said before the fight, this fight will not go to decision.”

This past weekend MMA Latest News’ Michael Lynch sat down and spoke with Damien Brown on The BBQ Pit Live. Damien recently fought on the RIZIN card that featured Floyd Mayweather on New years eve. He was able to grab himself a win in the first round via Guillotine choke against Daron Cruickshank.

Mike: “Are you still under contract with RIZIN?”

Damien: “I’ve actually had one more fight on my contract. I signed a two-fight deal. We will see what happens, I know there is a Grand Prix coming up so its all up in the air. You don’t want to go into the Grand Prix on a one fight deal, because if you win that’s bad for them right?”

Mike: “Going into your fight with Cruickshank you looked to want to keep it standing although he is prone to being submitted. Was that a part of your game plan?”

Damien: “I think the thing is I’m comfortable on my feet but people really underrate my ground game. 50% of my wins are from submission, I’m a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, I’ve been doing this for a long time. The game plan was to strike, stay at boxing range, and take away the kicks. Strike with him until the pressure forces him to shoot for the takedown or allows me to get a takedown of my own. Either way, I’m going to make it entertaining, that was my prediction before the fight, It will not go to decision.”

Mike: “I noticed this was your first pro fight in Japan, how was the experience?”

Damien: “Yeah I had never actually been to Japan before then. It was the greatest crowd I’ve ever performed in front of. During the fights and the walkouts, the crowd is dead silent, you could hear a pin drop. They cheer for finishes, they cheer when you say something cool, overall they are just really good fans. They line up to take pictures and get their autographs, real proper fans. It was truly a great experience.”

Mike: “You also got the experience to fight on the same card as Floyd Mayweather who is a boxer. What was that like? Was it different from any other MMA card?”

Damien: “I kind of thought it was going to be but it really wasn’t any different. He was non-existent honestly. At the weigh-ins and fight night, nobody could get close to him. He wouldn’t talk to anybody. Maybe he brought eyes to the event that wouldn’t have been there otherwise but other than that I didn’t really feel any difference.”

Mike: “What did you think of that fight and the way it went down?”

Damien: “Well I don’t think it was fixed like everyone was saying, I mean why would you fix a fight for your Japanese superstar to get his ass kicked on national television it doesn’t make any sense. Even Japan isn’t silly enough to do that. I think Floyd kind of treated him like he was his big brother. Its the biggest card of the year whether he was on it or not but yes he brought a lot of eyes to the RIZIN organization.”

Mike: “You spoke earlier on a Grand Prix for RIZIN. Has that been announced yet? Do you have any insight on when that would be?”

Damien: “I believe it will be sometime in the middle of the year. No official announcements yet but they have announced a card in April but still have not announced that it will start the Grand Prix. So my assumption is that they will do it closer to the middle of the year.

Mike: “Where did you learn Jiu-Jitsu? Was it during your military days or did you pick it up recently for your job as a correctional officer?”

Damien: “No, so I learned Jiu-Jitsu because I’ve done karate my whole life, then I started doing kickboxing when I was an infantry soldier. I had two amateur kickboxing fights when my coach started to hound me about staring Jiu-Jitsu. He talked me into it, and I had an amateur MMA fight and I got owned, man. The guy pulled guard on me swept from the bottom, got into full mount and then threw on an armbar. I said, God, that’s never happening again so I joined Jiu-Jitsu and started going 5 nights a week. It certainly comes in handy being a CO.”

Hopefully, we will be seeing Damien back in the ring soon, maybe even fighting in the RIZIN lightweight Grand Prix that may or may not be taking place later in 2019.


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