High On Israel Adesanya

As a long time hardcore MMA fan its very satisfying to see a guy like Adesanya rise to the top, I hate using this term, but I do consider myself a purest in the sense that what takes place inside the chain linked octagon walls is what means the most to me. The fight promotion nonsense of everyone trying to be Conor McGregor often overshadows what’s most important, and what we are all here to see.

So it’s pleasing to see an emerging superstar that’s as entertaining and skillful as it gets in the cage, feel the exact same way I do about all the bells and whistles of fight promotion and how it clouds the core of what MMA is. This is just one of the many reasons I’m high on Israel Adesanya.

MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland


MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland

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