Holloway vs Poirier 2 Preview

I’m very happy to see Dustin Poirier finally get a chance to contend for a UFC World title, granted its an interim title, but he is very deserving of the opportunity and it’s been a long time coming nevertheless. If I had to make a pick right now, I would have to lean towards Holloway coming away with the win just based off of the momentum he has been riding for so long.

But when I think about it, I think if there is anyone in the division that could give Blessed some trouble on the feet, its Dustin Poirier. I think his highly technical ways matches up well against Holloway’s punching style, The Diamond knows when to string together combo’s and when to take chances and I think he will fare quite well should this contest stay upright. But who the hell knows, the only thing about this fight I can say with conviction is that we are in for one hell of a show.

MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland


MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland

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