Hopes For MMA In 2019

With the year coming to a close and after reflecting on how many major changes there has been in our sport in the last 365 days, it got me thinking about what’s ahead for us in 2019. The fact that UFC will be in partnership with ESPN as of January 19th is a really,really big deal. I think the transition to the world wide leader in sports signals the entering of another stratosphere for the UFC and MMA in general, the growth continues.

I’m very optimistic about how things will be going forward with this new partnership, and I think in the long term its going to be a full blown success. But I also think that we are going into this deal with a lot of significant problems in the sport, problems  I’m hoping will eventually subside. I think that in order for MMA to have a seat at the table next to the NHL’s, MLB’s and the NBA’s, respecting the hierarchy of champions and contenders is absolutely necessary. Having a respectable rankings system is far more important that most give it credit for, it’s fine to highlight all of the “beefs” between fighters whether it be via twitter or interviews, but I think establishing match ups purely on a performance basis would go a long way in getting things on the right track.

MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland


MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland

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