Ode to Diego Sanchez

We came away from UFC 235 with a lot of talking points, it was a card that was stacked on paper and it ultimately delivered. The seemingly effortless dominance of Jon Jones, the surprisingly lop sided affair between Usman and Woodley and the firefight with the majorly controversial stoppage between Ben Askren and Robbie Lawler. But out of all of the interesting topics to delve into, its the ageless wonder that is Diego Sanchez that deserves the spotlight this week.

The original ultimate fighter winner is still here, still has a chin,still has the conditioning and still has elite level top game. I’m not sure how much longer we are going to have him for, but based off of his performances of late, it definitely seems like he has another chapter left in him.

MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland


MMA writer from Gander, Newfoundland

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