Opinion: Cormier Shuts Down Miocic

Daniel Cormier is the current #1 Ranked P4P fighter in the UFC. The second ever Champ Champ is the current heavyweight champion and former UFC light heavyweight champion. Cormier defeated the man many considered to be the best heavyweight ever in the sport Stipe Miocic. He did so last July at UFC 226. Cormier destroyed Miocic in the main event of UFC 226 within a round via KO.

Miocic all of a sudden couldn’t get mentioned in the “greatest” conversation and even though he has defended the heavyweight title more than any other champ of the division, he won’t be getting a title shot any time soon. Miocic has been calling for a rematch since the brutal beating he took and until now we didn’t know how Cormier felt. Many believe Miocic is a perfect choice but Cormier does not agree.

Cormier yesterday went on a Twitter tirade and explained exactly why he feels Stipe doesn’t deserve a rematch but first exclaiming “I don’t owe anybody shit!”. Cormier revealed on his twitter page his reasons for not accepting a fight with Miocic, “Reason 1: he’s being entitled, why have I fought since and he hasn’t. He lost the fight is he still the champ? Reason 2: I’m hurt  Reason3: how do I do it better? I beat him in a round last time ?”

Reason 2 seems legit. For sure, if you’re injured you won’t be fighting anyone. However, I am not too sure about the other reasons being given. Firstly, Miocic is not acting entitled. He was knocked out quite violently by Cormier only 6 months ago and with what we know about brain injuries these days in sports, it is a smart move and a considered one from an undoubted savage. Miocic has a family to think about, regardless of his fighting career.

His third reason is a cop out. How can he do it better? Well, he could either flat out dominate him for 5 rounds without breaking a sweat, or he could end it quicker than previously. Cormier did exactly that with former title contender Anthony Johnson. Cormier also couldn’t wait to get his hands on Jon Jones for a second time and campaigned for that fight repeatedly until he got it, even if he did fight in-between.

More importantly, who else is a title contender in the heavyweight division that is even near the caliber of Miocic?

We all saw Cormier’s defense against Derrick Lewis, not exactly challenge of the decade for Cormier. Francis Ngannou maybe? That’s a fight Cormier wins without getting hit.

Curtis Blaydes – he just got dominated by Ngannou.

Well, maybe there is Volkov? Oh, he just lost to Lewis.

Velasquez? I mean he is definitely highly skilled and a dangerous opponent for Cormier, but he hasn’t fought in years and is Cormier’s training partner.

Looks like we are saddled with another Miocic fight then…. or are we?

Brock Lesnar seems to also be an option. Cormier, in fact, called him out after beating Miocic and they had a very WWE styled confrontation. This fight is where the money is for Cormier. Lesnar’s name is huge in the combat sports world and will without a doubt get Cormier his best payday. It will also be a lot tougher than many would believe. Lesnar is a legit amateur wrestler and a genetic freak. Again though, I don’t see any other result than Cormier getting the win.

Then there is the everlasting question of Jon Jones. Jones has expressed interest in moving to heavyweight and Cormier has never been able to get the best of Jones. It seems like a perfect fight for the fans. The constant cloud that lingers over Jon Jones legacy needs to be eradicated to be the best of all time. Those questions of “what if” will always continue otherwise and vice versa for Cormier! The fans want this and I am sure, no matter what those two say, they want it too.

Cormier is planning his retirement this year and was hoping to by his 40th birthday on March 20th. That seems more than unlikely, seeing as he is hurt and we are in February already. Before he retires, he should want the biggest and most money making fights he can get. On a challenge level, Miocic is just as tough as anybody, but to get those needles moving on the sales figures and therefore pay, he needs it to be bigger. He needs a Brock Lesnar or a Jon Jones, or maybe both. Either way, it is unfortunate for Miocic, who may never get the chance to redeem himself.


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